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  • sad abt halloween bc i can’t be with ppl i miss
  • and bc semester from hell
  • also i messed my car up today
  • however the temp doesn’t hit 80 every day
  • and renaissance festival soon and im a gay nerd
  • hell semester will end
  • christmas time soon
  • i should be able to travel over winter for a few days
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i feel like when straight people in general encounter a woman who is clearly attracted to women, e.g. because of her relationship with a woman, it’s like… they assume she’s a lesbian, AND they assume she’s bi, AND they assume she’s straight, all at the same time, in different ways?

when they assume she’s a lesbian they mostly don’t believe it’s really possible for a woman to only be attracted to women, but they assume that a lesbian is what she thinks she is, plus lesbian is an easy thing to reach for to try to insult her with

and then they also assume she’s bi, without using that word or respecting that as an identity in any real way, in that they see her acting on attraction to women but they also think she must be attracted to men, as all women are

and at the same time they believe that deep down she’s straight because in addition to all women being attracted to men, women’s attraction to women is not real, a delusion

and like there’s this interplay among all these assumptions and they all play into how these women are treated

is this making sense at all i may just be overtired but yeah

it’s like pretty confusing and i think it ends up complicating the dialogue among lbpq women

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  • #this makes sense to me #men and straight people can't imagine how women love each other romantically&sexually #like it does not parse and so you get slapped with lez and bi and het #all at once and ultimately het as trump
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